Season Finale

In the season finale of 'Rust in Production', we take a cold, hard look at our goals and achievements during the first season.

Did we manage to answer the tough questions about Rust's usage in the industry? Were we able to provide a balanced view of the challenges and benefits of using Rust? Or did we end up merely preaching to the choir?

As it turns out, the answers align nicely with the main themes from the Rust 2023 survey: the hiring market, the learning curve, the reasons for choosing Rust, the costs of adoption, and the complexity of the language. Either way, there were definitely some surprises and unexpected turns along the way!

Show Notes

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We would like to thank the guests of the first season for their time and insights. We would also like to thank the listeners for their support and feedback. We are looking forward to the second season and hope you will join us again!

Audio editing and mastering by Simon Brüggen (M3t0r).

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