Hi, I'm Matthias Endler, a Rust developer and open source maintainer.

I support my clients around the world to get the most out of Rust through training, consulting, and contracting with no-frills, easy-to-follow, idiomatic Rust code.

In collaborating with me, you'll experience a comprehensive approach that considers the broader impacts of modifications to your codebase. I prioritize clear communication and thorough documentation. My approach is grounded in systems thinking, ensuring that any changes we implement are not only robust but also designed for long-term maintainability.

Some popular Rust crates that I built are tinysearch, hyperjson, and lychee. I'm a Rustacean since 2015 and I've been working with Rust professionally since 2019.

You might have seen me speaking at conferences such as FOSDEM in Brussels, Cod{e}motion in Amsterdam, and BrisTech in Bristol. I've also given workshops at emBO++ in Bochum, RustBeltRust in Columbus, OH and RustFest Barcelona.

You can learn more about me on GitHub or on my personal website.

Feel free to get in contact via mail or LinkedIn. I'm always up for a chat!


From time to time, I get invited to podcasts and interviews. Here are some of them:


Reach out for details on paid speaking engagements.