Fusion Engineering - Jakub Valtar, Software Engineer

Rust can run everywhere, and by everywhere, we don't just mean on all operating systems, but also in all kinds of harsh environments: from the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space. Today we talk to a company that is using Rust to conquer the air. Fusion Engineering is building drone control systems for the next generation of drones.

Jakub Valtar walks us through how Fusion Engineering came to use Rust as the foundation of their company. He explains why Rust is the safest choice for building drone control systems and what it takes to get into drone development.

Show Notes

About Fusion Engineering

Fusion Engineering identified a critical gap in the industry: while drone hardware has advanced rapidly, software development has lagged behind.

Their approach is ambitious - developing drone control systems from the ground up, with a strong focus on safety. It's about making drones fly reliably in complex environments.

Their flight controller is designed to meet the most stringent EU regulations, potentially allowing drones to operate safely in urban areas and withstand harsh conditions offshore.

About Jakub Valtar

Jakub Valtar is a game engine developer turned drone software engineer. He feels comfortable in performance-critical environments and loves the intersection between art and technology. He joined Fusion Engineering to work on control systems for the next generation of drones.

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