Matic - Eric Seppanen, Software Engineer

The idea of smart robots automating away boring household chores sounds enticing, yet these devices rarely work as advertised: they get stuck, they break down, or are security nightmares. And so it's refreshing to see a company like Matic taking a different approach by attempting to build truly smart, reliable, and privacy-respecting robots. They use Rust for 95% of their codebase, and use camera vision to navigate, vacuum, and mop floors.

I sit down with Eric Seppanen, Software Engineer at Matic, to learn about vertical integration in robotics, on-device sensor processing, large Rust codebases, and why Rust is a great language for the problem space.

Show Notes

About Matic

Matic is on a mission to solve everyday problems with robotics. Design Milk wrote in an article about Matic: "Matic Robot Vacuum Collects Dust but Not Your Personal Data" and I really love that quote. It's a great summary of what Matic is about: privacy-respecting, truly smart robots. The San Francisco-based startup recently raised a $24M Series A round.

About Eric Seppanen

Eric is a systems engineer with a passion for reliable, well-designed software. He has a background in kernel development and high-performance computing with C++ and now works on robotics with Rust.

With his calm and insightful demeanor, Eric is the ideal person to talk about Rust's strengths for people with a C++ background.

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