AMP - Carter Schultz, Robotics Architect

Imagine you're faced with the challenge to build a system that can handle billions of recyclable items per year with the goal of being better than a human at identifying what can be recycled. Material classification is a complex problem that requires a lot of data and a lot of processing power and it is a cutting-edge field of research.

Carters Schultz and his colleagues at AMP chose Rust to build the core of this system — and it worked "shockingly well". In this interview, Carter, charismatic and witty, shares his experience of getting your hands dirty with Rust, and building a cutting-edge production-ready system, which can be now replicated across the world.

Show Notes

About AMP

AMP gives waste and recycling leaders the power to harness artificial intelligence and solve the industry’s biggest challenges. The company uses cutting-edge technology to help waste and recycling facilities improve their operations and increase recycling rates.

AMP transforms the economics of the waste industry to make recycling more efficient, cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable.

About Carter Schultz

Carters Schultz is a Robotics Architect at AMP Robotics. He has a background in robotics and computer vision. Previous employers include Neya Systems and SpaceX. An engineer at heart, Carter is passionate about building systems that work reliably and efficiently and pushes the boundaries of what is possible with technology. He is a charismatic speaker and curious mind with a passion for teaching and learning.

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