curl - Daniel Stenberg, Open Source Maintainer and Public Speaker

In the season premier we talk to none other than Daniel Stenberg! We focus on integrating Rust modules in curl, their benefits, ways in which Rust and Rust crates helped improve curl, but also how curl helped those crates, and where curl is used in the official Rust toolchain. Along the way we also learn about the early history of curl and Rust, which section of your car's owner's-manual you should "re"-read, some weird HTTP edge-cases, and Daniel's experience in open-source maintainership.

Show Notes

About curl

Curl started as a simple way to download currency conversion rates from the internet and evolved into a general data transfer library and cli tool with support for not only HTTP, but also FTP, IMAP, MQTT, and many more. It rivals with SQLite for the #1 spot on the most deployed software list, leaving Java far behind.

About Daniel Stenberg

Daniel Stenberg has been the lead developer of curl for more than 25 years, and is an avid speaker and famous open source personality. Having worked at Mozilla around the time Rust was created, he now works for WolfSSL.

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