Apollo - Nicolas Moutschen, Staff Software Engineer

In this episode, we talk to Nicolas Moutschen, Staff Software Engineer at Apollo, about how they use Rust to build the Apollo GraphQL Platform.

Show Notes

GraphQL is at the core of companies like GitHub, trivago, and Facebook. In this episode, Nicolas, a staff software engineer at Apollo GraphQL, discusses the company's products and how they use Rust in the core of their GraphQL engine: the Apollo router.

About Apollo

Apollo is the industry-standard GraphQL implementation, providing the data graph layer that connects modern apps to the cloud. Apollo is the company behind the open-source GraphQL platform that helps developers build and ship apps faster with open source tools and a cloud service.

About Nicolas Moutschen

Nicolas Moutschen is a Staff Software Engineer at Apollo. He is a Rust enthusiast and has been using Rust for years at Apollo and at AWS where he worked on the serverless infrastructure. He writes about Rust on his blog n14n.dev.

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