There are a lot of awesome podcasts about Rust. We loved listening to New Rustacean and are excited about the new Rustacean Station and RustShip episodes.

But we felt that there is a gap in the Rust podcast landscape: We wanted to hear more about how companies use Rust in production.

So we decided to sit down and create the content we wanted to listen to. We interviewed people from companies that use Rust in production and asked them the tough questions that you want to hear answered but never get the chance to ask:

  • Why did they choose Rust?
  • What are the real challenges of using Rust in production?
  • How did your team get up to speed with Rust?
  • Did you notice any performance improvements?

These and other questions are top of mind for developers and decision makers who are considering Rust for their next project. We want to help them understand the benefits and challenges of using Rust in production before they head down that path.

And we're starting with a bang: In the first episode we will talk to Paul Dix, founder and CTO of InfluxData, about how the company rewrote the core of their time series database in Rust. Stay tuned! We will release the first episode on Thurday, December 14th and then biweekly episodes every Thursday.

Show Notes

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