Rust in Production — The Podcast

Rust is renowned for its exceptional safety and speed, but the real-world stories of companies using it in production often remain untold.

Rust in Production brings those stories to light, focusing on the challenges these companies tackle with Rust as they solve some of the most complex technical problems in the world.

Stories of companies who bet big on Rust. Every other Thursday at 4 pm UTC.

Season 1
  1. Season Finale
    S01 E07
  2. Sentry – Arpad Borsos
    S01 E06
  3. Tweede Golf – Folkert de Vries
    S01 E05
  4. Arroyo – Micah Wylde
    S01 E04
  5. Apollo – Nicolas Moutschen
    S01 E03
  6. PubNub – Stephen Blum
    S01 E02
  7. InfluxData – Paul Dix
    S01 E01
  8. Teaser
    S01 E00

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Rust in Production is a bi-weekly podcast by corrode. New episodes are released every other Thursday at 4pm UTC. You can subscribe to new episodes on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, or through our RSS feed.